Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica



Campaign “Montaña de Esperanza” (“Mountain of Hope”)


The past March 13th and 20st Servicios Ecológicos joined to actively participate in the campaign “Montaña de Esperanza” (“Mountain of Hope”).  This effort organized by Volunteers,  Municipality of  Mora,  The Hiking  Club of  Mora,  Scouts and the Red Cross arises in response to the news article realised by the TV Program 7 Días “Poisoned Mountain” ( in which, it was demonstrated as this river has become open-cast dump and by their river basin enormous amounts of plastic and  industrial remains.

Only to have a reference, in the two last campaigns of collection they were managed to recover near 55 thousand plastic bottles which now will be prepared for recycling. If you wish to know more about the project “Montaña de Esperanza” we invite to you to visit the site in Facebook through the following address:!/pages/Montana-de-Esperanza/415442289497?ref=mf

Montaña de Esperanza


Recognition given by the company's Kimberly Clark y Teletica Canal 7


Reconocimiento AmbientadosIt pleases us to inform you that the past March 5th, Servicios Ecológicos received a recognition by Kimberly Clark and Teletica Channel 7 in gratefulness by our participation in the campaign Ambientados which turned its first year anniversary in the month of March. It is for our company a pleasure to share with you this recognition that motivates us every day to work harder for a more clean and green Costa Rica!



Plastic and Styrofoam "suffocate" beaches of the national Pacific


Alejandra Vargas M. |

Herradura, Puntarenas. The waters and beaches of Costa Rica so are contaminated of bottles, bags, tins, Styrofoam, toothbrushes and shoes like all the of the world. The motto of “A country without artificial ingredients” is not fulfilled in the coast of the Pacific. More information >>


Montaña envenenada ("Poisoned Mountain")


New evidences on a really polluted mountain: a team of "7 Días" Costarrican TV program registered at least 3 locations, distanced 100 meters one of the other, in the river basin of the Virilla River filled with different kinds of trash. The river does not know what to do with it!. More information >>


Campaign ¡Yo Reciclo Mi celular! ( I Recycle My cell phone!) arrives to Auto Mercados


In the month of February  2010 AUTO MERCADO chain of supermarkets united to create the campaign  ¡Yo reciclo mi celular!  I recycle my cell phone! organized by Servicios Ecológicos and Fundación Amigos de la Isla del Coco (Foundation Friends of the Cocos Island ).

From now on in all Auto Mercados you will be able to find containers properly identified where you will be able to deposit  cell phones so that they are recycled and treated suitably.

All this with a double benefit:

The atmosphere is freed from the contamination since the mobile devices contain harmful toxic substances the Earth and the human beings.

  1. For each cell phone a percentage will be donated to "Fundación Amigos de la Isla del Coco", and those founds will be destined by thr Foundation for the protection and conservation of the park.

We invite you to unite to this beautiful cause, reciclying your old cellphone and at the same time collaborating to the protection of the environment and our treasure: Cocos Island National Park!


Summer workshop Ciudad Colon Culture House – Servicios Ecológicos


In the month of January of the present year, Ecological Services participated along with the Culture House of Ciudad Colón in the waste materials donation to be used in the art work production during the summer workshop for Children that this house organized.

The donated materials were barrels and metallic lids that instead of being thrown away, they were reused creatively by the workshop participants as their drawings backgrounds. The works were produced using acrylic painting techniques by using brushes, sponges, rags, and their own footprints inclusive.

This workshop lasted approximately a month and the participants were children from 3 years old to 10 years old, which demonstrated to be very creative and talented in the artistic work production in spite of their little age.

When the workshop finished, Ecological Services and the Culture House gave certificates to the children by their valuable participation in this activity on behave of the Art and the Environment.

Next some the activity photographs that we wanted to share with you:

Summer workshop Ciudad Colon Culture House


On the occasion of the “Volunteer Day 2009” celebrated on Friday, December 12th
Ecological Services donated 50 garbage baskets which were placed in La Paz Park


The campaign was organized due to an alliance with a non-profit, which links private companies and social institutions with voluntary actions and social wellbeing. In this campaign, it was done the park cleaning, garbage baskets positioning, and banks painting.

Watch video I >>

Watch video II >>


More than 30 companies in electronics fair – El Financiero


Old cellular telephones will be received to recycle, activity that will be managed by Friends of Cocos Island Foundation and Servicios Ecológicos company. More information >>


In October 2009 “Acclimated” beat the proposed goal - Telenoticias


Thanks to you participation, the Acclimated Campaign of this month was a success.More information >>


Recycling Campaign generates resources for Cocos Island - Telenoticias


The Friends of Cocos Island Foundation turns the waste materials recycling into money to improve the Island conditions. The recycle material is collected in the Ecological Services facilities, located in Cuidad Colón and Río Oro of Santa Ana. You can contact the foundation to participate in this campaign. Telenoticias informs you how you can join this campaign
More information >>


Waste material turns into paper and handkerchiefs - Telenoticias


All the paper and cardboard that you give to us during the acclimated campaign might come back to your house, but transformed. More information >>


Living from waste - La Nación Proa Magazine


Mario Brenes Boatman was a waste collector, like Carlos Espinoza, and he was less lucky than Ileana Alfaro to find a place where to set up his first waste materials storage center. Nevertheless, his vision took him to realize, 25 years ago, that waste was the business of his life. He persevered and today he is the Servicios Ecológicos M.B.B. S.A. company owner, located in Brazil de Mora. More information >>


Recycle saves water, electricity, and money - Telenoticias


For every ton of paper recycled, we save the equivalent to electrical energy consumption per month of 3 homes.
More information >>


70% of the sweepings that we threw are re-usable - Telenoticias


A study verified that more of 70% of the garbage that we throw away is recyclable, the study was realized by the Municipality of San Jose a couple of years ago and it could proved that 42% of what normally.More information >>


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