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Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
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Fluorescent Recycling:

Fluorescent RecyclingEcological Services has an ample knowledge in recycling and more than 15 years of experience in the integral disposal of traditional recyclable materials. In 2009, the company offer of services is innovated by the implementation of the collection program, disposal and correct final disposal of waste fluorescent lamps.

We offer solutions of waste fluorescent lamps recycling to all the sectors: Offices, stores, industries and homes.

Why recycle fluorescent bulbs?

“The fluorescent lamps are made up of glass and metals; nevertheless, they also contain highly toxic substances such as mercury and phosphorus. When the lamps are sent to landfill site or they are incinerated, the mercury steam is released and can travel a distance up to 320 kilometers. These components are highly toxic for the human nervous system and particularly poisonous for the kidneys. Once absorbed by the body, mercury is distributed to the blood to all the human body tissues being able inclusively to cross the placental barrier easily. The prenatal exhibition to this one substance can cause a variety of health problems including cerebral paralysis”.*

Does the treatment have a cost?

Yes, the treatment of waste fluorescent lamps has a cost and it must be covered by the waste generator.

This charge is made because Ecological Services must pay the final processor company for the proper disposal of this waste type, which by means of sophisticated and specialized technologies, specializes in the disposal and extraction of all the fluorescent lamp components.

Types of fluorescent lamps that are treated:

Collection service:

a. The collection is realized by using an appropriate vehicle for the job, which has all the corresponding permissions of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) for the waste transportation.

b. Our personnel are properly trained to manage and arrange this type of materials making sure all the time that the fluorescents do not break.

c. Our personnel will carry all the time the security equipment required for the job.

Treatment in Plant:

The material is transported to our plant located in Cuidad Colón.

Upon arrival to the plant, the material is processed using a special machine called “Bulb Eater®”.

This machine crushes the fluorescents at the same time as it captures the 99,9% of the mercury steam that are released. The unit is equipped with a series of filters which capture and neutralize all the released mercury steam while crushing lamps. The system is placed on a 55 gallon metal barrel in which the crushed material is accumulated. Once the barred is full, it is properly covered and sealed, waiting to be exported to the final processor.

Treatment in Final Destiny:

Ecological services own agreements with ISO 14001 certified companies and a large experience in disposal of this type of waste.

The final process consists of separating the crushed material into its components: Glass, aluminum, ferrous metals and phosphorus dust. Hereafter, the materials are incorporated again to the market as raw materials for recycling.



Reciclaje Costa Rica
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