Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica

Servicios Ecológicos M.B.B. S.A.


Provide to the industry an integral solution in the collection, classification, and a correct disposition of waste products to recycle or to reuse by means of a friendly treatment with the environment.


We will establish ourselves as the national leader company in the integral disposal of waste products to recycle or to reuse produced by industries engaged with the environment, while we managed the extension of the operations beyond our borders.



Currently, the company has two operations centers in the capital (San Jose), the first of them is located in Brazil de Mora, Industrial Zone (5,000m2) and the second one is located in Río Oro of Santa Ana (2,000m2).


Reciclaje Costa Rica
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