Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica

Social Responsibility:

Commitment of Ecological Services M.B.B. S.A. while linking the social and communitarian aspect with the disposal of recyclable and re-usable materials.

Outstanding projects:


“Women Working from Home Project”

Throughout this project, job sources are generated to women who are the head of the family. They carry out the classification and separation of waste materials, generating their own income without having to leave their homes.

Women Working from Home Project


“Project for the people deprived of their freedom”  

There is an agreement signed with the Ministry of Justice whereby people deprived of their freedom work in recycling and separation of waste materials. Currently, the project takes place in La Reforma penitentiary center and there are near of 30 people deprived of their freedom, who generate their own income by working on the classification and separation of waste materials.

Project for the people deprived of their freedom


“Educative Tours” 

There is a guided visits calendar to the plant with public of different sectors. Some of them are: Primary school students, high school students, college students, diverse companies and institutions.

Educative Tours


“General Community Projects” 

The most outstanding project is the partnership job with the Municipality of Mora whom signed an agreement on the biweekly collection of recyclable materials generated by the commercial and residential sector. Currently, the project started in its initial stage in the central district (Colón) and later, it will be extended to more sectors.

General Community Projects


“Friends of Cocos Island Foundation (FAICO)”

Amigos dela Isla del Coco

Since 2008, there is a partnership job with the foundation throughout the “Blue Project: Recycling for the good of Cocos Island”. In this project, recyclable materials collection service is offered to companies that wish to donate their waste materials to this noble cause. The funds are used by the Foundation to provide resources to the Cocos Island National Park, World Natural Heritage Site (UNESCO 1997).

In 2009, the project “I recycle my cellular” was implemented whereby recycling boxes are placed in interested companies. These companies can dispose their cellular telephone in disuse to recycling at the same time as they collaborate with the Foundation.

Cell phone recycling box

Contenedor Celulares

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Reciclaje Costa Rica
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