Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica
Reciclaje Costa Rica

Battery Recycling:

Battery RecyclingEcological services have an ample knowledge in recycling subjects and more than 15 years of experience in the integral disposal of traditional recyclable materials. In 2009, the company offer of services is innovated by the implementation of the collection program, disposal, and proper final disposition of waste batteries.

We offer solutions of waste battery recycling for all the sectors: Offices, stores, industries, and homes.

Why recycle batteries?

The battery residues must be properly managed because otherwise, they can cause serious damages to the environment. The main danger is its composition since they contain heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium, mercury, zinc, among others. As a manner of example, an incorrect batteries disposal of a button battery can contaminate up to 600 thousand liters of water.

Does the treatment have a cost?

Yes, the treatment of waste batteries has a cost and it must be covered by the waste generator.

This charge is made because Ecological Services must pay the final processor company for the proper disposal of this waste type, which, by means of sophisticated and specialized technologies, specializes in the disposal and extraction of all the battery components.

Types of batteries that are treated:

Treatment in Plant:

The material is transported to our plant located in Cuidad Colón.

Upon arrival to the plant, the batteries are classified according to the final processor requirements. Hereafter, batteries are contact tape sealed and packed according to the international transport requirements.

Treatment in Final Destiny:

Servicios Ecológicos owns agreements with ISO 14001 certified companies and a large experience in disposal of this type of waste. 

The final process consists of battery crushing and separating the crushed material into its components for recycling: ferrous, non ferrous and heavy metals.


Reciclaje Costa Rica
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